Finest Leather Mules

Since 1983


What a delight!

March 25th 2017

What a delight! A brown paper package with a hand-written address and the contents were unbelievable. Shoes that fitted like slippers.

Thomas Southgate
Verified Purchaser

Marvellous Service!

March 18th 2018

What marvellous service. I already have two pairs of mules. My first pair was bought well over ten years ago and they’re still going strong.

Chris Fenton
Verified Purchaser

So comfortable

January 13th 2018

I love these they are so comfortable just ordered my 4th pair had them for years! Really helps my low foot arch can’t recommend them enough x

Anne Lee-shute
Verified Purchaser

A great family team

July 24th 2018

I bought a pair of mules at last years Mid Devon Show. At the time my choice of shade was not available so I took home a pair in a colour I was not completely happy with. After keeping them for a YEAR in the box in my wardrobe I returned them at this years show and explained the reason. Without hesitation or question they were exchanged for the exact colour I was seeking the year before, without charge or fuss! I can only say what a joy it is to be treated in such a friendly, obliging way by such a great family team.

Anne Moore
Verified Purchaser

Highly Recommend!

September 2nd 2016

Good morning my wife and I purchased a pair of mules each at The Dunster Show and are very impressed. I was the gentleman who had broken his legs and back in a rock climbing fall 30 years ago and had difficulty fitting the first left mule I tried.

Since getting home I have hardly had them off my feet and find them incredibly comfortable and supportive given my previous injuries. I would even go as far as saying that they are just as supportive and effective as far more expensive medical lifts and insoles. We will certainly be back for another pair in the future and cannot recommend the mules more highly.

D Smith
Verified Purchaser

Excellent, Highly Delighted!

May 5th 2020

The mules arrived a couple of days ago-but having a bit of a back ache did not try them until yesterday. They are wonderful – one should always remember – you only get real quality if you pay for it. But above ALL, the customer service you and the Mule company offer is unmatched. Thanks a million.

Verified Purchaser

Such comfort & style

May 5th 2020

I have to write & tell you how pleased I am with your mules. I ordered the Welstor , and they arrived 3 days a go. I have very difficult feet: firstly, being diabetic, then last year I needed an ingrowing toenail removed, and I have another awaiting removal. I usually buy trainers 3 sizes too large, for comfort. I was amazed how the mules, in my correct size, fitted and gave me such comfort – at the same time as looking so stylish. Apart from bedtime they have not been off my feet since they arrived – I cannot stop praising them.

Tim Warner
Verified Purchaser

Another Wonderful Pair!

July 14th 2023

Thanks for another wonderful pair of mules – the first pair are well worn and I’m looking forward to years of use from these. Like the packaging too!

J Sherrard
Verified Purchaser